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Article: How to clean leather sandals

how to clean leather sandals

How to clean leather sandals

Can't you already feel the sea breeze and the sunny days? Yes, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves, and it's probably just our desire for summer to arrive.

 In a few weeks spring starts and only in a few more we will officially enter the long-awaited summer. I don't know about you, but that moment when we change from winter clothes to summer ones is a great moment.

 Not to mention the joy of changing closed shoes, boots or booties for sandals or espadrilles fresh and comfortable.

The fact of wearing sandals does not have to interfere in the elegance of our look. In the same way that wearing impeccable shoes is necessary for our outfit to be 'on point', it is also important to take care and maintain the sandals or summer shoes.

how to clean leather sandals

 Nowadays, there are many proposals for men that allow us to be fashionable but don't forget to clean sandals.

Depending on your style, you can find a design that fits your needs, now you just have to choose which ones are made for you.

 We will explain how to clean sandals.


How to clean sandals:


It doesn't matter if you decide for sandals with crossed straps like the ones usually proposed by brands like Massimo Dutti or if you decide for Gucci sandals. The ones that come with leather soles and straps are cleaned in their entirety in the same product.

 As you may already know, it is significant to brush the leather. With this step, we remove dust and surface dirt so first, with a horsehair brush, brush the sandal.

 Next, we will do a light cleaning, for this we have Saphir Soft Cleaner. Applying it is very simple, you will need a cotton cloth or a chamois. Put a bit of product on the cloth and, using circular movements, clean the entire sandal.

 Once you have finished, wait for the leather to dry and brush again. You will be amazed when you see how the leather of the sandal looks. Clean, renewed, soft and shiny.

how to clean leather sandals

 For a more intense cleaning, we recommend Saphir MDO Reno Leather Cleaner.

 However, bear in mind that, if you use this product, you should then apply a moisturizing renewing cream such as Saphir MDO Macadamia or Saphir MDO Mink Oil.

How to clean Birkenstocks:

After seeing how to clean leather sandals, I'm sure that many of you are also interested in knowing how to clean suede sandals.

It is often common to see sandals that come with a suede insole, such as those from Birkenstock, the designers of the famous "footbed".

This brand is legendary in the summers of almost everyone. And it is not surprising since these sandals of German origin, known for their sole, were designed in 1925 and were marketed throughout Europe until 1966, when they arrived in the United States, triumphing in the hippie era of the 70s.

Over the years, they have made many collaborations with prestigious designers such as Manolo Blahnik or the famous collaboration with Céline. It is not uncommon to see public figures such as Kate Moss or Gwyneth Paltrow wearing them, and it is not uncommon to find imitations in all the shops.

how to clean birkenstocks

Don't think that keeping Birkestocks clean is a very difficult task, in the same way that we can keep our leather sandals impeccable, we can make suede ones look like new.

As we know that many of you will be interested in this particular brand, let's see how to clean Birkenstocks.

A very common question about sandals from this well-known brand is how to clean birkenstock footbed. It´s very common for footprints to be left on the sole. This is something completely normal that happens with use and that can be solved with a product and 10 minutes.

For this process, the best product is Saphir Medaille D'Or Omninettoyant. It comes with a brush that will help you a lot, let's see the step by step:

1.- Prepare the sandals:

Undo the buckles of the sandal, in case it has them. This way, it will be much easier to clean them thoroughly.

If it doesn't have buckles, don't worry, with the brush you will be able to reach all the areas.

2.- Prepare the product:

Put some water in a bowl and add some product.

how to clean birkenstock footbed

3.- Very important!

If the sandal sole has dust, mud, dirt or any other type of surface dirt, it is advisable to clean it before applying the product. If we apply the product directly, we can get the opposite effect to the one we are aiming for.

Let's get down to action, dip the brush a little in the water with Omninettoyant and start cleaning the sole making circular movements. Try to clean the entire sole evenly, if the footprint was very marked, you may have to repeat this step a couple of times more.

If so, between cleaning and cleaning, remove the product with the help of a damp chamois and then clean again with the brush.

5.- Let it dry and enjoy:

When you see that it is completely clean, remove the product again and let the sandal dry naturally, without applying heat.

That's it, a quick and very effective process to get rid of this uncomfortable problem.

The rest of this brand's sandals are usually made of leather, so you could finish cleaning them completely by following the tips that we've explained about leather sandals.

We believe that with this complete step-by-step guide that we've just shown you and with the unbeatable quality of Saphir products, you won't have any problem to clean and maintain your sandals. If you still have any questions, we will be happy to answer them and our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

Now there are no more excuses to go with dirty sandals, if you are not clear about any step to follow, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you in any way they can.

See you soon


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