Did you know that the iconic Louis Vuitton brand started out creating handcrafted trunks?

That's right, in 1837, at the age of 16, Louis Vuitton started as an apprentice to a renowned master in Paris.

Seventeen years later, he opened his own craft workshop in France.

Over time, his work was recognized, and he began to grow as a company to the point where they expanded their products to include another leather goods as purses or wallets.

No less than six designers were employed to create the brand's legendary monogram design.

The rest of the story you surely already know, today is one of the Maisons of French haute couture most recognized worldwide and its logo is one of the most coveted.


Their purses are dreamed by many people and those who manage to have one, you can consider yourselves very lucky.

Its value is unquestionable, and we are certain that it is a very good investment.

Surely, if you own one of these bags in your collection, you will want it to last a long time in optimal conditions. And it is entirely possible to keep it with you throughout your life if you maintain it properly.


how to take care of leather purses

1.- Cleaning:

 An essential step to keep the bag clean and, in this way, avoid damage. Although, if the leather is clean, it is better not to touch it, try to clean it when it is essential and, ideally, only treat the stains that appear.

If you think that you need to clean the purses, start, brushing to remove dust or surface dirt. Use a natural bristle brush.

In case you want to do a light cleaning like Saphir MDO Leather Cream Lait Toile Enduite, it is necessary to use a soft product, that allows to clean without attacking the leather since we can spoil it.

It is easy to use, just put some product on a cotton cloth and apply it in circular movements. Once you have finished, remove the excess product with a clean, damp cloth and let it dry naturally.


If you need a deep clean of handbags or need to remove a stain, we recommend using Saphir Renomat. Be sure to apply hydration before using it.

We recommend that before applying this product completely all over the bag, do a small test in a non-visible place to check that it works properly.


2.- Moisturizing:


After cleaning the leather, it is essential to provide nutrition and hydration. In this way we get the leather to renew itself, recover its shine, avoid cracking or breaking and promote its proper maintenance.


Our star product for this purpose is Saphir MDO 100 years Anniversary Renovateur Cream. With mink oil, a highly nourishing ingredient that reaches the deepest layers of the epidermis.

It is applied like the cleanser, with a 100% cotton chamois, doing circular movements.


Once the process is done, wait for it to dry naturally and finish the treatment with a good brushing with a brush with natural bristles such as horsehair.


This step adds shine to the bag, leaving the leather totally renewed and ready to show off.


3.- Protection:


This is probably the most important step of all, as it will determine the number of times, we have to treat the purse.

By using a protector, we prevent liquids and stains from damaging the leather. Saphir MDO Super Invulner is magic, it turns any surface into water-repellent.

In this way we also avoid stains and even protect it from possible damage.


It is always better to be safe than sorry, using a protector on luxury bags and shoes, we could say that it is vital for its optimal maintenance.


All these steps are applicable to all your models. No matter if you own an undisputed classic like the NoéNoé or the super imitated Neverfull, or if you are more innovative and buy the latest designs of the brand.


Of course, don't forget to keep it in its cloth bag, another mandatory step to keep it in the best conditions and try to keep the purse in the least humid place possible to avoid the proliferation of fungus.


Have you found this post useful? Don't you have an LV and want to know how to take care of a bag of another brand or material? Write us, we love to know your concerns.


Best regards, see you soon