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Artículo: Vintage Luxury Purse: Is it a good investment?

vintage luxury purse
bag care

Vintage Luxury Purse: Is it a good investment?

The answer is a resounding YES. Not long ago, it was on the news that a vintage Hermès bag was sold at a well-known auction. 

 The famous bag was sold for no less than 222 thousand dollars, a much higher price than usual. Birkin bags are the most coveted handbags in the world and, according to a report, it is known that investing in one of them can be even more profitable than investing in the stock market.

The United States is a country that studies everything from the growth of daisies in Ohio to the most complicated issues. And of course, also the average price of second-hand luxury handbags. And it is studied not only because vintage clothing and accessories stores are more fashionable than ever, but also because of the incredible success of websites selling pre-owned products. EBay, Amazon or Facebook are usual places of sale, but other virtual companies such as Bluefly or Vestiaire Collective are selling this type of products more than ever.

  • There are several reasons:
1. The first one has to do with the fact that luxury items 'we like them.
2. The second with a question of price and opportunity, in most cases the bags are in excellent condition. Classic luxury handbags, like jewelry, are always in fashion and timeless.
3. The fact that they are preloved makes the price somewhat -or much- more affordable than buying new. Many of these Vintage luxury handbags are no longer marketed by the brands, so the only way to access them is to buy them second hand.

4.  And lastly, the need to change handbags. Compulsive buyers of handbags and purses -there are thousands of them-, quickly get tired of the models and sell them a little cheaper to buy another one for the season. We must also take into account all the thousands of collectors who buy luxury vintage handbags.


vintage luxury purse

This gives us an idea of what kind of person buys a classic Celine, Hermès or Chanel: women between 35 and 45 years old who always dreamed of owning one of these bags and can't afford a new one or women and men collectors of vintage bags that the brands no longer produce. 

A website dedicated to study data on the buying and selling of luxury vintage items determined that the bags with the most stable prices for resale are the Neverfull by Louis Vuitton or the king of bags, the Birkin by Hermès.


Another well-known brand that never lowers the value of its handbags, and that skyrockets when it comes to limited editions, is Goyard. 

To give you an idea, the Birkin can be worth up to 1.3 times the original purchase price if it is in good condition and is a limited edition model. 

With Goyard is exactly the same, it can increase its value even x2, on the other hand, a classic Chanel is not usually revalued as much but we get to sell for the same value.

In general and as a conclusion, a second hand bag that is in perfect condition, can get up to 63% of the original purchase value. An Hermès bag can sell for more than $68,000.

Another cult brand is MCM, which was very fashionable in Germany in the 1990s. These bags are famous for being numbered and limited so there are really very few bags of each model. They are very sought after especially on the west coast of the USA. They have their own store inside the luxurious Plaza Hotel in New York and their designs are repeated year after year but each model has its own particularity.

Having all this valuable information, we are sure you will be interested in knowing what steps to follow to make your vintage handbags, whether second hand or inherited, last a lifetime.


First of all, it should be noted that to take care of a luxury handbag, you need products that are up to the task. Products that allow to preserve the finishes and even improve them.


    hermes vintage birkin


How to Clean a Vintage Luxury Purse:


As we have mentioned, it is necessary a product that performs an effective cleaning but that respects its finishes and does not attack the leather.

For this purpose, Saphir Bdc Universal Shoe Polish Cream is the perfect cleaner.

Its use is simple, you just have to apply it in small quantities on a cotton cloth and proceed to clean with circular movements.


How to Moisturize the Leather Of a Vintage Luxury Purse:


This step is applied in the same way as the previous one, that yes, obviously the product is not the same. 

Taking into account that the leather of a vintage bag needs extra pampering, it is ideal to use a product that provides hydration, nutrition and has a renewing effect.

Our star product for this purpose is Saphir Pate De Luxe Bdc, it's enriched that allows it to deeply nourish and soften smooth leather.

How to Protect the Leather Of a Vintage Luxury Purse:


Also very necessary for its correct conservation, providing protection will extend the life of the bag and protect it from possible damage.


It is well known that water and humidity is an important factor to control for the care of leather. Prolonged exposure can cause numerous problems such as fungus and fiber breakage. 

With a protector such as Waterproofing spray Saphir Médaille D'Or Super Invulner, we apply a protective layer that will make water and other substances slip through the leather without affecting it in any way.

It also contributes to the cleaning of the bag lasting longer.


In conclusion we have been able to see how a vintage bag, especially one of any luxury brand, is a good investment.


Not only for the value it has and the value it can reach, it is also a good investment in terms of ecology. We have already made hundreds of thousands of bags and clothes, it is necessary that they are not wasted and that the culture of preloved, customization and reuse of these garments becomes fashionable.


The only way to keep changing our style continuously without affecting the planet is by taking care of the clothes we already have and valuing the ones that already exist.


Do you agree with this statement? If not, we'd be happy to hear different points of view.


See you soon 


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