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Article: How to dye leather shoes

Dye for leather shoes
change color shoes

How to dye leather shoes

I'm sure it has happened to you at some point. You go to a store; you see some beautiful yellow shoes, and you buy them.

You wear them a couple of times and... you get tired of them. Usually when these things happen, you think it would have been better to choose a more basic color with which you can combine all the clothes in your closet.

Red, blue or yellow shoes can be very fun and can add a different touch to our look, but it is also true that they are risky colors and difficult to wear.

Don’t worry, dye shoes in another color is possible. You can change the color of our shoes quite easily, and it can also be applied to different materials such as leather, suede, nubuck ...

Another classic is the wedding shoes. Yes, some Manolo Blahnik in white with rhinestones are beautiful, but it is not a very easy color to wear on a daily basis, besides it is a difficult color to maintain.

It is true that perhaps dyeing shoes is not the easiest process of all, and probably some of you are scared, we explain how to do it to see if this way you lose the fear and you dare.

how to dye leather shoes


This time we will see how to dye leather shoes. Although, as I told you, the process in other materials is practically the same. We will explain more processes in our next posts, so stay tuned and subscribe!

Steps you have to follow to dye your leather shoes:

1.- Clean the shoe:

As always, we start with a brushing to remove dust and surface dirt. Try to use a horsehair brush, this way you will not damage the leather.

Then clean the leather with a cleaner. Apply it with a cotton cloth in a circular motion.

Let the leather dry and it will be ready for the next step.


how to dye leather shoes

2.- Dying shoes:

For this step, we will need Saphir Tinteure Française, which is available in a wide range of colors.

We recommend that you always try to change the color of your shoes to a darker color than the original one. A dark brown, navy blue or black color will always work better to cover a color like red or yellow.

If you want to change a white or nude shoe, congratulations, you can choose the color you like without any problem.

The product comes with an applicator that consists of a ball with a stick, it is very easy to use although for small or thin parts of the shoe, we recommend using a brush for more precision.

Apply the shoe dye all over the surface, you will probably need to apply two coats. Don't forget to let the dye for leather dry completely before applying the next coat.

Once dry, brush again with a horsehair brush.

3.- Moisturize the leather:

Once you have finished, it would be very interesting to apply some moisturizing cream for leather. This way, the shoe recovers its natural shine and softness.

4.- Protector:

We will never get tired of recommending you to use shoe protectors. Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, they not only protect from water, but also protect against possible stains and damages that may occur day after day.

By protecting the shoes, we manage to waterproof them and at the same time we make the dye applied last much longer intact.

It doesn't look so difficult, does it? We encourage you to recover those shoes or bags that we no longer like so much and turn them into an essential basic in your closet.

See you very soon


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