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Article: How to prevent leather from cracking

How to prevent leather from cracking
bag care

How to prevent leather from cracking

Have you ever wondered what’s the best material for making clothing and accessories? Although there are a variety of wonderful materials, we can think of one that is unmatched for its properties.

We're talking about leather, of course! I think we can all agree that leather is unsurpassed.

The material's characteristic feel, its distinctive appearance, its adaptability to numerous uses, and, above all, its durability and resistance make it inimitable.

But it also has its flaws and problems, do you want to know how to keep leather bags from cracking? We will explain how to prevent this irritating issue in these posts.

Leather bags of excellent quality are always in fashion, and they are the perfect complement to any look.

However, it usually happens that when we like a bag a lot, with use, the corners wear out or the leather cracks.

Chanel and Hermes bags are frequently exceptional investments, and their value increases day by day, so you are sure you want them to last as long as possible.

How do you prevent leather from breaking? And how do we repair leather?

prevent leather cracking

As leather is a skin, not the same as ours but very similar to it, it has thousands of pores that at first glance we do not see but which are present.

Similar to how our skin, leather pores also release moisture continuously and, when it is placed in a dry environment (which we recommend preventing fungus problems), the moisture is released, and the leather is dry and its color stops vibrating.

Keeping it in good condition requires controlling the humidity of the place where they are, which is vital for its proper maintenance.

When leather is dry, the fibers that make it up are more likely to break and form fissures, which eventually turn into cracks.

Most worn corners on bags are the result of wear and tear.

Let's see what you can do to prevent these problems and prevent leather cracked:

1.- Store them properly:

We have already given some brushstrokes on this subject; it is very important to store leather designer handbags inside a cotton bag preferably.

Make sure that the storage place is neither too humid nor too dry. You may need a humidity reader for this, since we usually keep the temperature under control, but humidity often escapes us.

If you want to keep away the leather cracking, please apply all this tips.

2.- Clean them periodically:

It is very important to keep the leather clean, in the same way that it is important to keep our skin clean.

It is an easy and quick process, brush to remove dust, apply some Saphir Cleaner in a chamois and start cleaning the leather bag in circular movements.

If the bag is very dirty, I recommend that you first apply the product, let it act for a while and instead of a cotton chamois use a natural bristle brush to clean the bag more effectively.

We also recommend saddle soap, a classic in leather care. It will leave the leather clean and conditioned, the perfect combo for getting rid of leather cracking.

repair handbag

3.- Smooth it:

To prevent the drought and breakage of its fibers, it is essential to use a leather renovator.

With this product, we bring moisture to the deepest layers of the epidermis.

Think of your facial routine, which comes after cleaning? Hydrating, and would you put an anti-wrinkle cream on dirty skin or makeup? Well, this is the same case.

The effects of leather repair cream will always be far more pertinent when applied after cleaning the leather bag.

4.- Treat the wear on the corners of the bags and revive the color:

Another of the most common problems in cracked leather bags, the loss of pigmentation due to the passage of time and wear in the corners or protruding parts of the bag.

As always, we can address these issues in a way that makes them sound good.

To do so, we recommend Saphir Juvacuir, a very versatile and wonderfully effective leather care product.

We say it is versatile because you can not only use it on leather bags, you can also use it on vintage leather jackets, shoes, furniture such as sofas, leather car upholstery

It is the perfect ally to fix the wear, very simple to use, first we recommend you to use Saphir Renomat. It removes dirt and prepares the hide for pigmentation.

Then, using a clean cotton cloth and having shaken the bottle beforehand, apply the product to the whole leather garment to be treated.

Leave to dry naturally for 15 minutes, polish with a horsehair brush and that's it! Super simple and you'll be amazed at the results. This is a very important step, don’t use any artificial heat because this will only contribute to leather cracking.

cracked leather

5.- Protect your leather bag:

 We always leave this step as the last because after cleaning the leather, renewing it, moisturizing it and giving the color is the best time to apply a protector.

But this does not make it a step to omit, and it is no less significant, it is always much better to avoid damage than to have to fix it.

Leather protectors make our bags waterproof, and we also avoid stains and even prolong the wear process, keeping our designer bag for many years with us.


It may seem a long and expensive process, but we assure you that it is not, besides every care is good for that Chanel or Prada or Céline bag to stay with us for a lifetime.

We assure you that, if you listen to us, they will not only improve and return to what they were, but they will probably be like good wine.

Every year it will get better and better.

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Although we hope that will never happen, we love you to be around us.

See you soon!

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