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Article: How to clean white Converse

How to clean white Converse

How to clean white Converse

Did you know that the Chuck Taylor strategy hasn't changed in the last 100 years? You could say that the famous All Star lasts forever, an icon that will never go out of style.

This is a good thing considering that, in the fashion world, things tend to go are not long-lasting. It is also remarkable that the same design has been used by such different public figures as Kurt Cobain or Elvis Presley.

Spring has already begun and surely, we agree when we conclude that it is one of the best times to wear white sneakers. Maybe you are foresighted and you already know how to clean your white converse, maybe you are not so foresighted and the change of season catches you with your dirty Converse?

In today's article we're going to tell you how to clean white Converse completely. From the fabric to the sole, so white they'll be so white, you'll probably need sunglasses to see them!

Although, as we have already mentioned, it is the most used type of footwear in spring and summer, most of us wear them all year round.

We are going to focus on how to clean white sneakers, but the technique we will describe can be applied to sneakers of any color. We will also focus on the Converse brand, but this system adapts to any canvas sneaker of the same type, such as Vans Era or Slip On.


how to clean white converse



We would like to start with some tips:

- Try not to clean white sneakers with baking soda or bleach or vinegar... mainly because they are not products specifically intended for that purpose and because, in order to keep our footwear clean and in the best condition, it is necessary to resort to products formulated for sneakers.

Otherwise, what we can get is that they end up yellow or stained apart from the fact that bleach or baking soda, over time, end up breaking the fibers of the canvas. This can end up with your Converse broken and hardened fabric.

- While it may seem like a good idea, it's not at all advisable to put your converse in the washing machine. It is likely that the result will not be what you expect and, by cleaning them in this way, we contribute to ruin the glue of the sole, causing it to peel off. It is also likely that your sneakers will end up deformed. If this happens, there is no easy solution so think twice before using the washing machine.

Following that advice, let's move on to some more interesting points:


1.- How to clean white soles:


White soles tend to get dirty easily, even if we go carefully, it is normal that the friction or simply the use makes them end up losing the whiteness that characterizes them.

Right now, Converse with platform is very fashionable, so the dirt of the soles is accentuated by the size of it.

It's also very common for the midsoles of our sneakers to turn yellow over time, this problem can be solved by periodically cleaning them as we are going to explain below.

To make them white, we will use a bowl with warm water and Saphir MDO Deep Cleaner for Sneakers.

We will also need a small brush with which we will apply the product. First of all, dip the brush in the water and then apply the product to the brush.

Then rub and rub until you see that the sole is back to what it was.

Once you have finished, with a cloth, remove the product and dry the sole.

Easy, isn't it? Well, it is also very effective, we could say that it is almost magic.

You will see how the dirt will be gone in a moment. If your soles are very dirty and need a more intense cleaning, I recommend that you let the product act for a few minutes to soften the dirt and then proceed to brushing. If they are still dirty, then the ideal is to repeat the process until the expected result is achieved.


how to clean white converse


2.- How to clean white Converse:


We insist that actually this process can be used for sneakers in any color.

We will also need a brush, a bowl with warm water and Saphir MDO Foam Cleaner.

Before starting, wet the fabric, it is not necessary that it drips, it is enough if it is wet, maybe you can use a spray to soak it.

Apply a little product in the bowl, wet the brush and put a little product on it too.

Rub until foam is created and clean the entire shoe.

To finish, remove the excess foam and product from the shoe using a clean damp cloth.

Last but not least, let the shoe dry completely so that you can start enjoying them. This process will take about 12 hours, do not try to accelerate the process by drying with heaters because they can be damaged. Let them dry naturally.

In case you need to clean the shoes more intensively, then you can choose to apply the foam all over the shoe and let it act for a few minutes. Then brush off the dirt. It may be necessary to repeat the operation a couple of times to ensure the best results.

Of course, don't forget to use a protector on your shoes. This is an important step because by applying this product, you will make them last much longer clean.

It is really great to see how our shoes repel water and, therefore, also other liquids that can end in disaster. Especially when we are talking about white! Cleaning white sneakers is easy but it is much better to keep them clean as long as possible.

This process is applicable to any model, so feel free to apply this treatment to a white Balenciaga Triple S or Chanel sneakers.

Our products are suitable for the most demanding sneakers and can also be used on other materials such as suede, leather, mesh, canvas, knit...

We also invite you to see our special kit for cleaning sneakers, it is perfect for beginners and it will also be useful for a multitude of different sneakers.

Would you like to know how to treat a specific model? We have talked about how to clean white Converse; do you want to know about another brand? Do you have any questions about what we have explained?

Send us an email with your ideas, we will be happy to receive them.

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Best regards, see you soon.

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