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Artículo: How To Care For And Clean Your Wallets And Purses

How To Care For And Clean Your Wallets And Purses

How To Care For And Clean Your Wallets And Purses

In this post, we’ll tell you the best way to care for and clean your wallets and purses so that you know how to keep them impeccable and like new for longer. 

Accessories are an important part of the fashion universe, almost cult objects we could say, and in recent years have gained much prominence in the fashion world for its role in putting the icing on the outfits and complete them to look perfect.

Handbags, purses and wallets are a 'must have', something we use every day, and therefore suffer more wear and tear than other accessories. This normal deterioration can be slowed down or minimized with the right information. Just as we take care of and wash our clothes, following the indications of the type of textile or material in which they are made, accessories also need maintenance and cleaning from time to time.

That's why we want to give you some tips that you can easily put into practice, because if you know how to care for and clean your wallets and purses, you’ll not only extend their useful life, but also keep them as if they were new.


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Tips for caring for and cleaning your wallets and purses


At a given moment you may detect that your wallet, purse or purse looks old, like worn out, but don't trust it, because that sign may be the only thing that tells you that it needs a facelift to look the same as when you bought it.

It can also happen that you discover a stain on the surface and you don't even know when it happened or how it happened. Don't worry and keep calm, because generally everything has a solution by applying some simple cleaning tips, which will vary depending on the material to be cleaned. These are the keys you should keep in mind, read carefully.


Cleaning leather wallets


This should be the first step to follow. First of all, as we do with the shoes, we must remove the surface dirt with a horsehair brush.

In this way, we’ll remove the dust from the leather so that the products we'll use next will give us the best results.

Then, with the help of a cotton chamois, we’ll proceed to clean with Saphir BdC Cleaning Lotion making circular movements.


leather wallet


As we’ve commented previously, it’s possible that only with this step we can achieve the desired results.

It’s also possible that the wallet has been stained with grease, ink or other substances that may require a more powerful product to remove them.

If this is your case, then we recommend that you apply Saphir BdC Reno'Mat Leather Cleaner to the stain. This product is specially indicated for these cases and is a very effective cleaner against all types of stains.

Once the cleaning is finished, proceed to brush again (with a clean and dry horsehair brush) to polish and settle the product.


Repairing and renewing the color of wallets


With daily use, it’s very likely that scratches or scuffs will appear in the corners of your wallet.

These are common problems that arise with use but are easily solved.

Our ally for this step will be the Saphir BdC Renovating Cream Tube.

This product is amazing because it manages to renew worn corners and also manages to repair scratches. Choose the color that most closely resembles the color of your wallet and apply a small amount to the affected area.

This step will make your wallet look like new again and you’ll get rid of these anti-aesthetic problems.

The application of creams to moisturize and nourish the leather is also highly recommended.


cleaning wallets


This is important because, by maintaining proper hydration, we’ll make the purse less prone to damage and make the leather look nourished and shiny.

You can apply colorless creams such as Renovateur Cream Saphir Medaille D'Or with Macadamia although, if in addition to moisturizing you want to give a plus of color, you can choose from our range of colors.

Make sure it’s as similar as possible so as not to alter the original color.

These creams are highly concentrated and of very high quality, therefore, with only a small amount of product, we’ll achieve surprising results.


What if my wallet is made of suede?


Suede is a fine and flexible leather with a silky and soft touch. Due to its characteristics, it’s very delicate and any stain can cause a big damage. To prevent this from happening, you should make sure that it does not accumulate dust and therefore it is advisable to keep your suede wallet or purse, which you do not use continuously, well wrapped in a cloth bag, tissue paper, etc.

If it needs cleaning to restore its original appearance, it should be done carefully. Dust can be removed by brushing the entire surface with a brush such as Saphir Nubuck & Suede Brush, surface stains can be dry cleaned with Gommadin and if, for some reason, your wallet needs a more intense cleaning, then the ideal product is called Omninettoyant.

Gommadin Suede Eraser is very easy to use, simply use it like an eraser on the stained area and proceed to brush with the special suede brush.

Suede Cleaner Omninettoyant  is also easy to apply. Dilute the product in warm water and, with the included brush, proceed to clean the entire wallet using circular movements.

Once you have finished, remove all the product with the help of a cloth and let it dry naturally.

Finally, restore the natural texture and softness of the suede by brushing again.

We hope that all our tips will be useful, if after reading this post you have any questions, I encourage you to write us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

See you soon

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