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Artículo: Cowboy Boots: Make Them Last Longer

Cowboy Boots: Make Them Last Longer
cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots: Make Them Last Longer

If you have reached this post, you’ll surely know that cowboy boots are not just any footwear. Its aesthetics with so much personality and originality is one of the reasons, but the reality is that, for many people, they represent a whole philosophy of life.

The western style is like good rock, it never dies and, moreover, everything related to it, such as the film genre or the way of dressing, transcends fashions and trends and remains unchanged as the momentum of the lone ranger.

Precisely because this style, far from going out of fashion, has been and remains a trend, there are many people who are dazzled by country-inspired clothing and footwear, such as cowboy boots that are going to be the undisputed protagonists of this article.

In fact, these boots have become a key accessory of the western trend, as they allow those who are just starting to discover this style to wear it without taking too many risks.

Cowboy boots can be seen and have been seen on numerous occasions as part of the most urban street style, as well as on catwalks parading collections of high fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace, Isabel Marant or Chloé.

But whatever the reason why cowboy boots end up coming into your life, what is certain is that they occupy a prominent place in your footwear, deserving special care. 


cowboy boots


Caring for your cowboy boots before their first use

In the same way that taking care of the skin of our body reflects in its good health and appearance, the same thing happens with the skin of our footwear. Your cowboy boots are not an exception in that sense, but rather the opposite, not because they are more delicate than the rest, but because for those who own them they generally have a great value. You have also given yourself, right?


Footwear in general, and cowboy boots in particular, should be used according to the activity we are going to do that day, protecting them as much as possible from damage, rubbing and dirt.  

For this step, we have one of the best products on the market. We are talking about Saphir Medaille D'Or Super Invulner. 

With the application of this spray, we can protect the leather from water and dirt.


This spray, which can be used on both leather and suede boots, creates an invisible protective film that protects the boots from rain and other humidity. This operation of waterproofing the boots with the neutral spray should be repeated regularly, having previously brushed the boots to remove dust or dirt.


cowboy boots


Clean Cowboy Boots

Even if you use a boot protector, your boots will probably get dirty, especially when you use them for outdoor activities. 

For this reason, we’ll try to clean them periodically to keep them spotless.

To clean them, we’ll use a specific product depending on their material.

Below is a list of possible materials and their specific cleaners.


  • Suede Cowboy boots:


Our best option is Omninettoyant, a cleaner that can handle any stain and will keep your boots perfect.

To clean them, you will have to pour a quarter of the product into two parts of warm water and clean them with a brush, in circular movements. 

Once cleaned, you should remove the product and let it dry completely before use.


  • Cowboy leather boots:


For leather, we use cream or lotion products mainly. A very good option can be a cleaner such as Gentle Cleaner Saphir Medaille D'Or.


  • Cowboy boots with exotic leather:


A classic in this type of boots is the use of leathers such as snake or alligator. For this type of leather we can use the same cleaner as for smooth leather and we will apply it in the same way only that we will take into account the scales of the skin trying to follow the same trajectory, never in the opposite direction because we can spoil the leather.


cowboy boots


Moisturizing Cowboy Boots

Every time we clean our boots thoroughly, the ideal thing to do is to apply an additional specific care according to the material they are made of. The perfect moment to apply it is immediately after cleaning. We’ll leave our boots "at rest" for a while while the treatment acts or while the material dries.

It’s not necessary to wait until the boots are dirty, the cleaning process and subsequent care should be regular.


In addition, such spectacular footwear as cowboy boots usually attract attention, so it’s worthwhile to keep them always looking in perfect condition.


What would be the best option? For us, the perfect product for this step would be Saphir Renovateur Macadamia.


This product will serve to preserve and enhance the color of the leather of your boots. In addition, this moisturizing cream also repairs possible rubbing and will protect leather boots from stains and water, since, like the waterproofing spray, it creates a protective film without interfering with the breathability of the footwear. 

Another positive point is that it is easily applied with a chamois, having previously brushed the boots. Afterwards, let it dry for a few minutes and then polish it off using a natural bristle brush.


Once the treatment is done...

You’ll have your cowboy boots ready to face a new day attracting attention!


cowboy boots


Golden rules to extend the life of your cowboy boots

The golden rule to extend the life of your cowboy boots and enjoy them to the fullest is to clean and moisturize them regularly. If you wear them daily, it’s advisable to repeat the waterproofing and moisturizing process once every two weeks.


To apply the products you should follow the instructions for use that they indicate, because, although they are very simple, if you follow them to the letter you will get the most out of the cleaning and maintenance process. For example, when you apply the spray, you should do it at a distance of 30 cms, so that it impregnates the leather evenly without getting it wet.


When your leather boots have to deal with a rainy day and get wet, let them dry at rest (not on) and at room temperature. Forget about putting them next to a heat source to accelerate their drying, because when they dry out what we get is to accelerate the aging of the leather.


There is another thing that, although it may surprise you, it is important to know and respect: footwear also needs to rest, remaining at least 24 hours without being worn. So, as hard as it’s for you to let go of your western boots, which is normal, they also need a little break from time to time. 


Ready to live long adventures with your boots? If you follow our advice, we're sure you'll have a long way to go together.


See you soon

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