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Article: The Ultimate Guide About Shoe Trees

The Ultimate Guide About Shoe Trees
cedar shoe tree

The Ultimate Guide About Shoe Trees

Nowadays it is very common to hear that someone has made a match with a person.

We could say that shoes and shoe trees are also a match!


 Do you know what exactly a shoe tree is and what is it for?

 Shoe trees are utensils that are placed inside the shoe and allow to maintain its shape.

They are a great unknown for people in general since, nowadays, most shoes are manufactured industrially, using standardized shoe trees. It is likely that our grandparents know what they are because in the past they were used much more with the shoemakers' craftsmanship.


shoe tree


The reality is that it is a perfect tool to maintain the quality of the shoes we buy and prevent them from becoming deformed over time. In addition, it is a very good investment because once you have your own last with your size, it can be used countless times with each of your shoes.

 A shoe tree is a very durable instrument that will allow you to keep all your shoes perfect for many years.

 As mentioned above, they are also used in the process of making shoes, it is also common to use lasts to make other garments such as hats or jackets.

In any case, it is in the footwear sector where shoe lasts are most commonly used, since we manage to keep intact the shape and width of the shoes that tend to deform with the passage of time and with the use of the same.

 Taking into account all this information, let's see what would be the exact definition of shoe tree:

It is a piece that is usually made of wood and has the same shape and size as our foot. It is the essential tool used by classic shoemakers to be able to manufacture shoes that are utilitarian, that is to say, that are comfortable to wear. It is also the tool with which they adapt the shoes to the real shape of our feet, making sure to follow the curves that our feet naturally have and adapting the leather so that the shoe is simply perfect.


shoe trees



With these shoe trees, the professional who makes the shoes can take the measurements, sew and handcraft the footwear without losing at any time the real shape of the feet that will wear it. It is a process similar to that of classic tailoring, every centimeter is taken into account so that the shoes feel like a glove.

 We have already mentioned that, nowadays, shoe trees are starting to be more in disuse due to the fact that many manufacturers make shoes in an industrial way, but for the artisan shoemakers, the "lifelong" ones, these instruments are indispensable to make the shoes in a proper way.


 Wooden shoe tree: Cedar


We are not exaggerating if we say that good cedar lasts are the best friends of our handcrafted leather shoes. Those shoes that are worth taking care of with special care so that they last for many years.


Let's see the reasons why having wooden lasts is important:


It prevents the shoes from deforming

They safeguard the original shape of your shoes, keeping them wrinkle-free and without deformation.

Indispensable for our shoes to be kept in perfect condition for a longer period of time.

Moisture Absorbers

 It is absolutely necessary to have control over the humidity of the place where we keep our shoes. We can consider that humidity is one of our number one enemies to keep our shoes properly. Otherwise we can suffer many problems such as leather fungus and loss of quality.

Cedar absorbs humidity, keeping the shoes in optimal conditions.


Avoid Bad Smells

 Besides absorbing water, they also have a deodorizing effect. They filter bad odors and eliminate them from our shoes.


They facilitate shoe cleaning

 By keeping the shoe with the leather in place and without moving, they facilitate any treatment you do to it. From the cleaning of the shoes to the application of shoe polish or shoe creams.


Great Durability

 A pair of shoe trees last  a very long time. If properly maintained, their durability is incredible, and you can use them in all of your shoes and slippers.


shoe trees saphir


Why are they usually made of Cedar?

 It is the favorite at the time of manufacturing lasts for these reasons:

 1.- Its pleasant smell.

2 .- Its lightness.

3.- Its malleability.

Shoe trees to widen shoes... Do they work?

 A very common problem with leather shoes, when they are new it is possible that they are very tight until the leather gives out and widens.

Is there any way to widen the shoes effectively? The answer is a resounding yes and that we explain which shoe last you should use for this task and with which product you could speed up the process.

 Let's see:

Plastic Shoe Tree

So far we have mainly talked about wooden shoe trees because they have some advantage that plastic ones don't, but if you are looking for an economical shoe tree that helps you to keep the shape and makes cleaning easier, shoe trees made of this material can be great for you.

This is a very functional and economical last that will help you keep all your shoes in perfect condition.

This last is also highly recommended for use in sneakers.

Sometimes they are the forgotten ones and, in the same way that it is necessary to use them in leather shoes, sneakers are also prone to deformation, so do not hesitate to use good lasts also in your favorite sneakers.

In conclusion, we can say that shoe trees are as essential as a cleaner or a cream when it comes to keeping our shoes impeccable.

We have seen that there are numerous options to which we can turn to for each of our needs and that, in addition, their use has many benefits for our footwear.

Do you have any doubts about any of the points we have discussed? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are experts in the field and we will be happy to help you.

Do not miss our posts, we have many tricks and valuable information to take care of your shoes.

See you soon.





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