how to clean suede shoes

How to clean suede shoes?

This is one of our top queries that we receive on a daily basis:
 How to clean suede shoes?
We could say a lot of things about this wonderful material, but we believe that a visual guide can help a lot to understand the process and to be able to see at a glance which are the ideal products to clean suede.

Suede shoes, a priori may seem complicated, but with the right care we get that they are very grateful and their maintenance becomes a simple task.
What products should we use to clean suede shoes?

Let's see:

1.- Saphir BdC Crepe Brush: an essential tool for the maintenance of suede shoes and other accessories in this material.
2.- Gommadin Suede Eraser: The perfect product for the superficial cleaning of suede shoes. It is as easy to use as an eraser.
Rub over the stain you want to remove and then brush with the Saphir crepe suede brush.
It removes footprints, dust, mud (always wait until it is dry), in short, any stain that does not require a very intense cleaning.
It's perfect for everyday cleaning.
3.- Suede Cleaner Omninettoyant: It's possible that you wore your shoes on a bad occasion and now they are really dirty, we tell you how to clean suede shoes intensively.
This product should be diluted with warm water, it comes with a built-in brush so cleaning will be easy.
Before applying the product, try to brush to remove surface dust. Once they are brushed, proceed to clean by applying the product diluted in water with the built-in brush.
Clean the entire surface of the suede shoes evenly so that there are no differences in color.
If the shoes have laces, it is best to remove them for better cleaning.
Once you have cleaned the suede shoes completely, remove the product and let them dry naturally without applying heat.

4.- Waterproofing Spray Saphir Médaille D'Or Super Invulner: One of the most important steps to keep our suede shoes spotless for much longer and to avoid possible damage. The waterproofing sprays for suede are a wonderful option because they make our shoes repel water and other stains.
By using this product, you will avoid the unsightly marks left by water drops, you will prevent them from staining so easily and, therefore, you will extend the life of your shoes and you will not have to treat them so often.

As you can see, this is not a very complicated process to carry out and, with just a few products, we know how to clean suede shoes.
It is also important to mention that, this process and these products are applicable to suede shoes, boots or bags in any color.
If what you need is to know how to clean leather shoes, we encourage you to see our infographic on the process Basic Steps For Leather Care, which will surely be very helpful.

See you soon.