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Article: How to take care of UGG Australia boots

How to take care of UGG Australia boots
clean ugg boots

How to take care of UGG Australia boots

UGG Australia boots can be considered an icon of winter fashion. Who would have thought that this brand would emerge in California? Yes, as you read, in 1978 a young Australian surfer created the design that, for almost a decade, has been recognized worldwide.

Made with lambskin, they provide warmth in the cold months but the best thing about these boots is their comfort.

We are sure that if you have a pair of UGGs in your closet, you will give them a lot of use in winter, that's why we bring you a tutorial with the step by step to return them to the color and texture they had the day you acquired them.

This way they will look like new and you will also get them to last much longer contributing to a more sustainable world.


Just a few simple steps to clean Ugg:

1.- Brush:

It's amazing what you can achieve just by brushing suede. With the Saphir Nubuck & Microfiber Brush we get rid of dust and dirt while lifting the fibers returning the texture that characterizes the suede.

2.- Clean Ugg:

As a general rule, these are boots that are used very often, so it is likely that they need more than just a brushing.

If this is your case, I encourage you to try Saphir Medaille D'Or Omninettoyant. It's very simple, just dilute a little of the product with twice its volume in warm water.

Then, with the help of a brush, apply the product in the areas where you think it is necessary. Remove the product left and continue rubbing, but this time only with lukewarm water.

Don't worry, there will come a time when the foam will disappear the boot will be clean and ready for the next step.



3.- Dry:

Yes, nobody likes to wait, but it is necessary to get the best results... Do not apply heat, be patient and wait for it to dry naturally.

4.- Revive the color: The use, the dirt, the rubbing... are factors that influence the coloring and, over time, it is possible that the boot has lost pigmentation.

This is not a problem, with Saphir Médaille D'Or Suede Renovator, you can easily revive the color.

Be sure to protect the areas you do not want to recolor by using tape. Then place the spray about 25-30cm away from the boot and spray evenly. Finally, let the leather dry naturally.

What you are looking for is a color change? No problem, this process is achieved with Saphir Tinteure Française. We recommend that you opt for a darker color than the original and that you subscribe to discover the step by step process of dyeing the suede that we will post in the coming weeks.


5.- Brush again:

To bring out the wonderful texture of suede and enjoy your clean Ugg.

6.- Protect your UGG's:

Sometimes it's hard to find a place to treat our boots, that's why it's very important to protect them. You only have to spray with the spray 25-30cm away from the boot. This will make your clean Ugg last longer.

Saphir Medaille D'Or Super Invulner will be your best ally to waterproof your UGGs and keep them cleaner for longer.

This time we have focused on a model of a specific brand, but this process can be applied to any garment or accessory made of suede or nubuck.


Let's contribute to a better world by reusing our garments, let's make it fashionable to repair, recover, reuse and reinvent.

We hope this post has been useful whether you are in California or Antarctica and that you enjoy your "new" clean Ugg boots.

Would you like us to address a specific topic? We're all ears, send us an e-mail with your ideas and reviews. They are gold for us.

See you next time!

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