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Article: Hermès Bags and Clutches: Everything you need to know

Hermès Bags and Clutches: Everything you need to know

Hermès Bags and Clutches: Everything you need to know

The day has finally come to talk about Hermès and its luxurious bags and other leather accessories. And it is that when we think of Hermès, we cannot imagine another place of inspiration for the brand like its hometown, Paris. Romantic, delicate, carefree, and full of sensuality and lightness would be some of the descriptive adjectives of the firm and the people who wear some of its outfits.

The beginnings of Hermès date back to the 19th century. It was specifically founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès and was born as a harness workshop. The business evolved through family heritage, becoming one of the largest suppliers of horse saddles in the world. Little by little they were designing accessories and leather accessories such as bags, scarves, and belts, specializing more and more and gaining a reputation in a select and luxury market. These beginnings characterize the Hermès logo, a carriage with a horse. It was not until the beginning of the last century that he entered the fashion industry.

In 1950, after several years of running a successful company led by direct descendants of the original Hermès, it was Robert Dumas who suffered one of the company's biggest setbacks. As in all businesses, there are potholes to go through and Hermès was not left out. However, the fall was not very strong. Thanks to a photograph of Grace Kelly, a renowned American actress and later princess of Monaco, in which she was carrying a Hermès leather bag, she made the firm resurface again and rename the bag that became fashionable as the "Kelly bag".

Kelly Bag Hermès

Today, Hermès products are sold exclusively in its own stores around the world and online. Some of her regular clients are Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Madonna. Can you imagine meeting them in any of the stores?

We know that Hermès products are not suitable for all pockets, however, a few years ago, they partnered with Apple to make leather straps for Apple Watch. Yes, you read it right! Now you know, if you have an Apple Watch with a leather strap, you can boast of carrying a part of Hermès with you. 

But after this curiosity, we are going to talk about Hermès' leather bags. Did you know that Hermès has in its wonderful collection of bags that contains the most expensive leather bag on the market, valued at €340,000? Yes, that's how it is. But we are not here to discourage anyone. Hermès has collections of magnificent leather bags, bags that with the necessary care can be inherited by several generations. 

Hermès leather bags are made with 100% natural leather, so they require extra special attention. It is important to know well this detail that makes the difference and to know all the products that bags and other accessories and leather garments deserve to have protected and hydrated like the first day.

If you're here, it's probably because you have a Hermès bag. And who among us has not fallen in love with a Hermès bag? We saw the bag, we fell in love with it and we knew it had to be ours. Our favorite leather bag. We cannot imagine our outfits without it, we wear it season after season and we have used it so many times that the passage of time has left its mark.

At The Elegant Oxford we tell you what to do to make your Hermès bag look like new. Take note!

1.- Cleaning:

One of our first recommendations is to carry out regular cleaning of the bag even if dirt or stains are not visible to the naked eye.

  1. If you have kept your leather bag in a closet without using it, it may give off a strong leather smell that you find somewhat unpleasant. In these situations, open the zippers and pockets to air it in the window, terrace, balcony, or even garden that you have.
  2. Once ventilated, start by gently removing dust and dirt from the surface with a Horsehair Brush. Our brush is ideal for cleaning suede, nubuck, and smooth leather.
  3. Follow with our Gentle Cleanser Médaille d'Or to remove dirt, wax, and polish. It also prepares and opens the pores of the leather so that the moisturizer penetrates well and gives a better result. It is very easy to use; apply a small amount of the product on a cloth or cotton chamois to finish giving that shine that you so desire. Our recommendation is that you make gentle circular movements and not rub. Once you have finished, remove excess product with a clean, damp cloth and let it dry naturally.

2.- Hydratation and Repair:

Over time, the skin tends to dry out. That is why after cleaning the leather, it is essential to provide nutrition and hydration. In this way, we get the skin to renew itself, recover its shine, prevent it from cracking or breaking and favor its correct maintenance.

For proper hydration, our star products are:

  • Renovateur Cream with Macadamia. Made from water with an incredible contribution of macadamia. Thanks to its application, your Hermès bag will look rejuvenated, as the macadamia nut nourishes, conditions, and cleanses the skin. The most valued by our customers are the ease of use and the effectiveness of hydration.
  • The Saphir Pommadier Cream Médaille d'Or Bitumen. An all-natural cream used since 1925 to add luster, shine, and color to leather goods. It's made with shea butter, bee warfare, and turpentine, along with seven other nourishing waxes. Choose the color that most closely resembles the leather of your Hermès bag!

- And last but not least, our star step: the protector -

3.- Protection:

We never tire of saying that this is our star product. Well, we have one of the best products on the market; Saphir Medaille D'Or Super Invulner.

This spray creates an invisible protective film that protects from rain, snow, possible scratches, chafing, and dirt. A marvel!

But before doing it, it is important that we use the Brush again to polish the bag after cleaning and nourishing it.

Once we have done it, it is time to apply the Spray to your Hermès bag. Spread it all over the bag 10 inches apart and let it dry for 5-10 minutes.

You can repeat this waterproofing operation with the spray periodically, having previously brushed the bag to remove dust or dirt.


Hermès Bag 

We hope we have helped you better understand the history and reputation of Hermès bags, as well as their care and protection.

Do not forget, when you have a 100% natural leather product, it is important to protect it well and moisturize it. And, in addition to applying the products and following the steps for the care of your bags, belts, or other leather items, we advise you to store the bags in a cotton bag or in a cardboard box to avoid humidity and fungi. And very important, just like our skin, we must protect them from direct contact with the sun :)


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