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About us


The Elegant Oxford

Hello, I’m Preston Soto, founder of The Elegant Oxford. We specialize and offer premium shoe shines, dyes, and artisan patinas for quality men’s brands and help others to learn the art of artisan shoe shining. To that end, I am pleased to offer you the very best in leather care products and accessories that I use, so that your shoes can look their very best and last you for years to come. 


We offer world renowned premium shoe polishes, creams, and waxes from the Medaille D’or line by Saphir as well as other fundamental shoe care products like brushes, shoe trees, stain removers, and saddle soap. You’ll find everything you’ll need here in one convenient location. 

I, along with our team of specialists, am standing by ready to assist you if you have any questions at all. With the necessary tools in hand and in conjunction with my video tutorials, I am confident you’ll be able to learn to transform your shoes and keep them looking great. 


Thanks for stopping by. Remember to always put your best foot forward, the small details matter most, so don’t forget to #ShineYourShoes


-Preston Soto