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Article: Leather Gucci bag: Everything you need to know

Leather Gucci bag: Everything you need to know
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Leather Gucci bag: Everything you need to know

In today's post we are going to talk about the emblematic Italian brand Gucci. The beginning of the brand dates back to 1920, and takes us to Florence, a wonderful city where a young man known as Guccio Gucci opened his first store. 
In the beginning, he was dedicated to the artisanal treatment of leather, he was a young man very skilled with the finishes and always worked with materials of the highest quality.
It was this combination of factors that made the success of that small Florentine store on Via Della Vigna Nuova, whose main identity was leather bags, tricolor belts and his iconic loafers. 
Over the years, it was his sons Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo who helped their father expand the business by opening two more branches in Rome and then in Milan.
It was during the 50's, with the economy in full recovery, that the company went international, reaching the United States, specifically New York and Hollywood, where the country's jet set went crazy with the Gucci symbol, a logo of worldwide prestige and associated with luxury and exclusivity.
From then until today, the company has gone through all kinds of situations involving assassinations by hit men, sales to different companies and moments of loss of influence in the fashion world.
leather gucci bag
It was then that Dawn Mello, who was the director of a famous New York department store, brought the brand back to life by hiring, at that time unknown, Tom Ford.
They managed to refloat the Italian firm by giving a twist to the designs and betting on a much sexier and more attractive style for their customers. From then until today, the fashion house has gone through different transformations until today. 
A super interesting story, isn't it? We can conclude by saying that Gucci is undoubtedly one of the most important houses in the world of luxury fashion.
Its logo is totally recognizable by everyone in the same way as those of French maisons such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel among others.
They have managed to obtain an identity and a fame that has taken them to the podium of design and high quality.
As we have already mentioned, some of their star garments are handbags, belts and also their loafers.
Gucci loafers are very comfortable and fresh shoes for the spring and summer season. Being a flat shoe, it confers a casual but elegant style at the same time.
Would you like to know how to take care of your Gucci handbags? Keep reading, we'll tell you:
  1. Cleaning the leather:

A primordial step in the care of leather, very important for its correct maintenance and that should be carried out at least once a month -depending on the use you give it, it can be more or less-.
High quality leathers require products that are at their height, for this step we recommend using a cleaner such as Saphir BdC Universal Shoe Polish Cream.
The steps to follow for cleaning the bag are quick and easy.
Start by removing dust and surface dirt with a natural bristle brush. Why is this step necessary? Before applying any product, it is necessary to remove the dirt because, otherwise, the results we will get, will not be as expected.
Continue by applying a little product on a cotton cloth and proceed to clean the bag little by little, without rubbing aggressively and making circular movements.
If your bag needs a more intense cleaning, the ideal is to apply the product all over the bag and wait a few minutes to soften the dirt. 
In this case, it is better to be patient and go slowly than to go quickly and spoil the leather and that bag or accessory that we love so much.
We are sure that by following these steps you will make it look shiny again.
leather gucci bag
  1. Apply moisturizer to your Gucci leather bag:

Just as we moisturize our skin, it is necessary to moisturize the leather skin of our handbags to maintain them properly and to prevent future damage.
This step will bring nourishment to the deeper layers of the epidermis and will also restore the natural shine and softness to your leather accessories.
Although we focus on handbags, these two steps are applicable to your belts and also to Gucci loafers. 
What's more, loafers can benefit from following this procedure because it is common for the toe area to get dirty or damaged by rubbing and daily use.
This way you will keep it perfect for a longer period of time.
Creme de Soins Saphir Médaille D'Or in neutral color, is applied in a very similar way to the cleaner. You will need a clean, dry cotton cloth and apply a small amount of product in circular motions.
Try to apply it evenly over the entire surface. Once you have finished, let it dry completely and polish with a horsehair brush.
  1. Our star step, the protector:

We will never tire of advising the use of protectors. Leather and water are not good friends and grease stains or stains from different substances can be difficult to treat.
Prevent these problems with the use of the Waterproofing Spray Saphir Médaille D'Or Super Invulner, just spray it all over the Gucci leather bag or shoes and let it dry.
Once applied, loafers, belts or any leather and suede garments become water repellent and therefore also repellent to other liquids that can damage the leather.
Surely you want your Gucci bags or any brand to last a long time, they are a very good investment and, with proper care, can be passed from generation to generation.
Tell us, what would you like to know? We would love to hear your ideas on topics of interest to you, feel free to send us an e-mail with your suggestions.
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Best regards, see you soon.

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